About Carolyn

Purple jacketWelcome to my campaign for Lacey City Council! I’m running because so much is at stake with the enormous population growth expected in the next two decades. As we plan for how this will affect the city, it’s important that we get it right.

About Carolyn
 I’m running because I’m passionate about good government and because I want to do all I can to help preserve our quality of life in Lacey.

I have lived in Lacey since 2001 and in Thurston County for 25 years.

I currently serve as chair of the Lacey Planning Commission and of the Rainier Park Owners Association. I previously served on the Thurston County Boundary Review Board. I am passionate about good government, which I define as serving the people.

My professional career has been in communications, both as a journalist and in public relations. These life experiences have trained me to research all sides of an issue and carefully weigh pros and cons before making decisions. This is the thoughtful approach I will bring to City Council work.

I hold degrees in Communication Arts (University of West Florida, 1976) and Expressive Arts (The Evergreen State College, 1995).

I am single and share my home with two cranky but adorable 15-year-old cats: Pablo Picatso and Frank Stella, the Amazing, Lounging Noodle Boy. Ask me sometime about how they got their names!